Frequently asked Questions

Quartz surfaces are man made engineered stone formed by combining 90-93% of natural mineral quartz with polymers resins and colour pigment. Which created a variety range of colour selection.
Quartz surface is non-porous, if you spill coffee, wine or even sauces, it will not penetrate through - it is highly stain resistant, therefore maintenance will be easy.

Quartz surface does not encourage growth of odour, mold or bacteria. This will create a safe and hygiene surface for usage, especially in contact with food consumption.

Quartz surface is scratch & heat resistant up to 150 degree Celsius therefore even with minimal maintenance, the finishing will last a lifetime!
Quartz surface are virtually non porous, it does not require sealing. However, materials such as Granite or Marble have micro pores, which need sealing to prevent stain and growth of bacteria. The sealing will fade off after a long run or heavy traffic area.
Quartz surface can be easily clean with water, soap and a damp sponge.
For beverage stain such as curry sauces, wine, dark soya sauces you may use CIF cleanser. For chemical stain such as ball pen, you may use acetone.

ColorQuartz surface is a versatile material which can be used in application such as kitchen worktop, island worktop, vanity top, WC ledge, bay window ledge, bed side table top, dining table top, coffee table, flooring & wall panel etc..

Color Quartz is made of 90%-93% natural mineral quartz combine with polymer resin & colour pigment, it produces a standard slab size of 3000x1400mm in 20mm thickness. It is a durable & solidity surface with Measurement of Hardness (MOH) Rank 7.0.

Properties of Color Quartz:
• Non-porous
• Stain resistant
• Heat resistant
• Scratch resistant


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